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Servant Leaders

Meet Our Ministerial Staff


11th Pastor of St. Matthew A.M.E. Church

Chaplain: New Jersey State Police, Essex County Sherriff's Department, Orange, NJ Fire & Police Departments

Office: 973-678-1217

Moble: 914-562-6331

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Encourager, activist, organizer, trainer, advocate, strategist, collaborator, poet, scribe, preacher, faith/servant leader

O: 973-678-1217

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Rev. Dr. Donna Ho-Shing-Scott

Ministerial Chief of Staff

Itinerant Elder

Advisor to the Prayer Ministry

Member of Women in Ministry, A.M.E. Church

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Rev. Dr. Crystal Newby-Reynolds

Minister of Liturgical Arts & Youth


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Rev. Dr. Shirley Roberts

Local Elder


Rev. Marian Sykes Johnson

Local Elder


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Church Office Staff

Meet Our Support Team


Church Official Board

Meet Our Ministry Leaders

Steward Board

Terry Spicer, Pro Tem

April Gaunt-Butler | Chelsea Coleman
Clarence Barry-Austin | Dawn Nelson
Durwin Coppock | Harold Johnson
Karen Deas | Karen Taylor
Kathleen Turpin-Merritt | Laury Tilus
Michele Moore | Randy Montgomery
Sherrill Austin | Robert McGinnis, Sr.
Robyn Sorbino | Shannon Stukes
Shelley Harris | Terrie Stanley-Roberts
Terry Spicer | Veronica Morton
Versie McNeil

Trustee Board

Joseph Allen, Pro Tem

Bryan London

Jacob Forbes

Jerry Roberts

Jonathan Ridley

Joseph Allen

Leon Morton

Howard Myricks

Ricardo McNeil

Roland Tucker

Tency Eason

Zina Williams

Presidents and Auxiliary Heads



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